Quilters Hangup – a review

Today I put the finishing touches to the quilt I’ll be exhibiting at this year’s Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.   Anyone who has exhibited a quilt before will know that these preparations include the addition of a hanging sleeve.

Attaching pre-prepared quilt hanging sleeve

Attaching Quilters Hangup

In the past, I have made my own hanging sleeve (essentially a tube of fabric attached to the quilt back that allows a hanging rod to be inserted).  Nowadays I don’t bother making my own.  Instead I use a ready-made quilt hanging sleeve called Quilters Hangup.

I first came across Quilters Hangup last year and I love them.  They are made from a sturdy cotton fabric and come in a natural unbleached muslin (this in the one I use) and black.   Pre-made to the regulation 4 inches tall, the Quilters Hangup also includes a pleat at the top edge that allows quilts to hang flat!    And the rainbow thread on the back  is a pretty touch.

Pre-prepared quilt hanging sleeve

Quilters Hangup

Quilters Hangup may not be the cheapest option however they do save a lot of time.  Simply cut to length and hem the ends.  There is enough in each pack to make a hanging sleeve for even the largest Super King size quilt.  Quilters Hangups can be sewn into a quilt before or after sewing on the binding.   I prefer to hand sew my Quilters Hangup to the quilt after binding.  My quilts are made to be used rather than hung on a wall, so it is essential that I can easily remove the sleeve.  Plus making the sleeve removable means that I can re-use the hanging sleeve when exhibiting other quilts the same size.

I’m sure Quilters Hangups are readily available in America as they are a USA product.  For those in the UK, I purchased mine from Sew Hot.

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