Christmas presents for men

Choosing Christmas presents for men is something I always struggle with.  Finding presents that are useful, that they might actually like AND that are light and easy to post to Australia makes it even more difficult.  Socks might fit the brief however there are only so many pairs of socks any man would want.

Having decided to make as many presents as I could this year, the hot water bottle cover designed by Emma of Simple Pleasures Sewing was a perfect choice for my hard-to-buy-for male relatives.  Hottie covers are light, unbreakable, soft, practical (well, perhaps not in summer but come winter time and it will be their best friend) and, most importantly, easy to personalise.

The mechanic in the family is getting this great vintage car blueprints hottie cover (It’s ok.  He never reads my blog so it is safe to show it here).  The cover is lined in the teal Flurry spot that you can see behind the hottie cover.  As well as this indigo colour way, the outer fabric comes in other great manly colours of charcoal and black and also a fabulous vintage planes design.

Vintage cars hottie cover

Vintage cars hot water bottle cover

Whilst the teenage boys will be finding hottie covers made in this gorgeous London maps fabric under the tree.

London map hottie covers

London map hot water bottle covers

I love this map fabric (Passport by 3 Sisters for Moda).  It is like a giant i-spy game and comes in coloured versions too.  Being teenagers however I thought the masculine grey tones looked more grown up and would suit them better.

Their hottie covers are lined in a co-ordinating grey spotted Flurry fabric, making the inside just as fabulous, and all hottie covers are machine quilted to make them extra cosy.

I’ve loved making these hot water bottle covers and know that the men who receive them will also love them.  A win-win situation all round.

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