Whole cloth baby quilt

A new baby calls for something special.  In this mass market age, it is often difficult to find a gift that is individual and unique.  
A little whole cloth quilt such as this one fits the bill perfectly as it is relatively quick to make and can be made in any combination of colours or fabric patterns you choose.   What is a whole cloth quilt, you ask?  Good question.  A whole cloth quilt has the top layer made from a single large piece of fabric, without patchwork or appliqué.  Often they are very heavily quilted in intricate patterns.  In this example, less so.
I made this one in about two days following a Brighton Sewing Centre tutorial.  It is a mystery to me as to how they made their version in an afternoon.  Perhaps they meant they only worked on it in the afternoons.  Anyway, moving on.
The tutorial makes a lovely crib quilt, about 1 metre square.  I used a pretty aqua for the backing and a gorgeous grey floral print for the binding.  As per the tutorial, I quilted in lines following the gingham check.  The quilting is not that obvious on the gingham, however it shows up very effectively on the back as a series of unevenly spaced lines. 
I have washed this quilt to give it that lovely, crinkly vintage look.  And, as it is made from 100% cotton, it will be gentle on baby’s soft skin.
So there you have it.  A lovely handmade gift to welcome a new arrival.  

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