An extra special retirement

Another one to one class, this time teaching how to make cupcake toppers suitable for a retirement party.
The toppers were carefully designed to illustrate the various interests of the person leaving for greener pastures.  Let’s see if you can guess what this person will be doing post-retirement.  Here is your first clue.
Did you guess that the lady is proposing to join the Women’s Institute or WI?

Now, what about these ones?
Well done if you guessed that she enjoys walking and hiking in the countryside.  

Now for the next clues.  
Congratulations to everyone who guessed her favourite past times include drawing and painting.  Just one more to go.
This was an easy one showing that she enjoys regular trips to France.  

Together they make a lovely record of all the things she can most look forward to now she has given up the day job.

A special congratulations and a gold star must go to my student.  She is essentially a beginner and most of the decorations were made free hand.   She did a great job making them and managed really well with all the intricate details.  I particularly love her little walking boots and her pencils.  I bet her retiring friend did too.  

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