Warm birthday wishes

Another fabulous class with the lovely Emma from Simple Pleasures Sewing School.  My task this time was to make a hot water bottle cover.  I love Emma’s pattern with its neat, tapered neck.  This one is lined with a matching blue spotted fabric and is well padded and quilted to make it soft and cosy.  
It already has a new home as it was delivered today to a very special niece for her birthday.  

And because it was her birthday I also made her some lamingtons. For those not in the know, lamingtons are a favourite cake in Australia.  They are made from vanilla sponge, usually cut into squares, which are dripped in chocolate icing and then covered in shredded coconut.  Just for a change, I experimented with some cake pop and dinosaur moulds from Lakeland to use as the base for my lamingtons. 
Sadly, only one dinosaur emerged intact (a result of me not filling the mould completely) however I think he looks pretty cute with his chocolate coating.   I have christened this one a lamisaurus.  My niece certainly liked him, although not as much as she loves her new hottie.

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