Love at first bite

Red velvet cake is such a pretty cake.  The gorgeous crimson red colour is a lovely choice for many occasions – Christmas, ruby wedding celebrations, halloween and, of course, Valentine’s day.

Cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of red cake crumbs is the traditional topping for red velvet cakes.  I’m not really a fan of cream cheese, so I piped roses in vanilla buttercream instead.   Much prettier and just as delicious.

These ones were the just desserts of the ladies at the Sewcial on Tuesday at Fabric HQ.  

Such a delightful way to end a great evening.


4 thoughts on “Love at first bite

  1. CakeCardCloth says:

    Hello Lynette. I'm very pleased that you like the cakes. They are available to order however I'm very sorry but all slots prior to Valentine's Day have been taken. If you would like to contact me via email, I would be happy to book you in for another occasion.


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