A practical baby gift

A special letter arrived the other day.  It was a thank you letter from Claudia and included some lovely photos of her enjoying the quilt that I made for her.  Thanks Claudia.  I am so pleased to know that you liked it.

This is another baby quilt that I made recently and it has already been purchased as a gift for a new mum.  I think it will make a wonderfully versatile and practical present.  

The size, approximately 27 by 30 inches, is perfect as a play mat,  changing mat or pram blanket when the baby is little.  It can be folded and rolled small enough to fit into a bag so the quilt can go wherever they go.  Being made from 100% cotton makes it so easy to care for.  Just give it a short, cold machine wash and dry it flat or pop it in a dryer on a low setting.  It will come out as good as new.

Once the baby gets a bit older, the various woodland animals will be great for playing games of i-spy.   It will make a colourful addition at the end of their big bed, as a wall hanging or thrown over a chair.  A useful and beautiful gift for any baby.  


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