Travel cupcakes

During September I enjoyed an extended visit from one of my nieces.  She arrived from Australia at the end of August with her primary objective being to “swan around” beautiful places.  She had a pretty full itinerary, taking in London, Bath, St Ives, Paris, Florence, Venice and Monaco.  All great choices if beautiful places are where you want to be.

As a welcome gift, I made her these travel-themed cupcakes.
Travel=themed cupcakes

Travel cupcakes

Thankfully, she didn’t need the map during her trip (Professor Google was a more accurate alternative – until the internet connection went down – oh, no!).   She also had a much more reliable form of transport than a sugar aeroplane (although not necessarily a tastier one).

The best thing about edible gifts is that there is no need to find room for them in an already bulging suitcase.  Her case may have arrived flat however it certainly went back more rotund, filled with lovely treasures from her overseas trip.

2 thoughts on “Travel cupcakes

    • Cake Card Cloth says:

      Yes, I did get to see those beautiful places too. We had a lot of fun but, as we were travelling by train, have vowed next time to only take a tooth brush, minimal underwear and a dress that you can wear 26 different ways. Lugging a heavy suitcase up station steps is not recommended.


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