Kaffe 2014 – The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett

A visit to the American Museum in Britain was top of my list of things to do during a visit to Bath last week.  Kaffe Fassett, the world renowned knitwear and textile designer, has a wonderful exhibition there that showcases the importance that colour has had throughout his career.   I have been a fan of his for many years and in fact the first quilt that I made was a Kaffe Fassett design.
This mock up of his studio is a fabulous riot of colour and includes examples of Kaffe’s many skills, including painting, needlework, knitting and fabric design. 
Cabbages are everywhere is the display of some of his paintings, needlework and fabric designs in the green room.

The knitwear and needlework on display are beautiful however it was the quilts that really caught my attention.  They are often based on traditional block patterns, such as this mesmerising version of a log cabin design.  
Or this beautiful diamond quilt…
…with machine quilting used to highlight the flowers.
This fabulous hand quilted stripy quilt was one of my favourites. 
The designs may be based on traditional block patterns however there is nothing traditional about the colour combinations.  Kaffe’s designs are vibrant, bright and saturated with colour.  If in doubt, add another twenty colours” is my favourite Kaffe motto and one that he clearly lives by.  This exhibition is truly inspirational and is a wonderful example of how we can all add more colour to our lives.

To find out more about the exhibition there is an excellent short video and additional information on the museum website.  The exhibition runs until 2 November.

2 thoughts on “Kaffe 2014 – The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett

  1. Fabric HQ says:

    I love Kaffe Fassett so much! I've still got some FQs I bought in Liberty when I was a teenager – can't bring myself to cut into them – must do so one day. He's a genius! Hope you had a fun time?


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