3 great quilt binding tutorials

Binding is a really important component of your quilt as it is the frame that adds that finishing touch.  When I started quilting, I struggled to get a binding finish that I really liked.   For me, my first bindings looked a little too flat when I wanted them to be full and plump.  I also wasn’t keen on the appearance of the commonly used binding finish where one end is tucked inside the other (shown here on one of my first quilts).  
Binding tucked inside

Binding tucked inside

What I really longed to do was to sew a continuous binding which looks so much neater and less conspicuous.  Fortunately, there are lots of very experienced quilters worldwide who are happy to share their knowledge and skills via the internet.  Thanks to their generosity, and a bit of practice on my part, I now routinely sew a continuous quilt binding (you can just see the seam next to the little bird – neat, isn’t it?) and they always come up plump and puffy.  
Continuous quilt binding

Continuous quilt binding

If you have struggled to achieve a professional appearance for your quilt binding, then here are my three favourite binding tutorials that I used to hone my technique.
Tutorial 1
Rita, from Red Pepper Quilts, is one of my favourite quilters.  It was as a result of reading her blog that I first realised that a continuous binding was even possible.  Even better, Rita has a fabulous tutorial on her blog that clearly shows how to sew a continuously seamed binding.  She also shows in detail how to machine sew the binding on the reverse, rather than hand sewing, although I haven’t tried this myself.  
Tutorial 2
Next up is Kimberley from the Fat Quarter Shop who has produced a great YouTube video.  In the video, Kimberley shows how to sew a continuous seamed binding using a binding tool.  I don’t have the binding tool and instead use my corner trimmer to achieve the same result.  I also don’t have a Simplicity bias tape maker although it is on my lust list.  As an added bonus, Kimberley shows how to trim the quilt so that the backing and wadding is slightly bigger than the top.  This is the secret to creating a fuller binding.
Tutorial 3
Finally, this tutorial from Sewing4home.  This very comprehensive tutorial covers all aspects of cutting and sewing quilt binding.  It has loads of hints and tips including information on how to calculate the amount of fabric you need to bind your quilt.  
So there you have it.  Three fabulous binding tutorials to help you achieve a professional binding for your quilt.  Happy sewing!