Field of Light at Waddesdon Manor

Last night I went to Waddesdon Manor again – this time with my camera which I had forgotten the last time (face palm, as my niece would say).  My purpose in going was to photograph the light installation by world-renowned artist Bruce Munro.

Named Field of Light, the installation is made of 9,000 lights “planted” in the Manor grounds.  During daylight hours they looks particularly uninspiring.

Field of Light – daytime

Once darkness falls however, they light up and take on an ethereal beauty.

Field of Light at sunset

Each globe cycles through subtle changes in colour.  In one case moving gradually from golden yellow…

Field of Light – golden globes

…to bright turquoise.

Field of Light – turquoise globes

The lights cover a large area near the Aviary and appear to stretch for miles.  To my mind, they look like fields of bright coloured tulips…

Field of Light

Or city lights seen from afar.

Field of Light landscape

It is a really beautiful exhibition and sadly is only on for a few more days.  It finishes on 2 January 2017.

Field of Light scene

Catch it if you can…and don’t forget to take your camera.

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