Alice in Wonderland cupcakes

One of my favourite aspects of cake decorating is the opportunity to make cakes that surprise and delight the recipient.   I love the oohs and aahs, and broad smiles that happen when people open the box containing their bespoke cakes.

Last week my niece turned 21.  Hard to believe when it seems like only yesterday that she was learning her first words and doing little more than crawling, feeding or sleeping.

Now that she is grown up she didn’t want a traditional birthday cake.  Instead she requested vanilla cupcakes for her party.  And rather than candles, she asked for her cakes to be decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme.  What a great idea!

Alice in Wonderland cakes

Alice in Wonderland cupcakes

Her selection of cakes included a cheshire cat with a cheesy grin, a white rabbit, a gold pocket watch, a caterpillar with jaunty antenna, magic mushrooms and an Alice dress.  I managed to get this quick photo before the cakes were whisked off to her party.   Don’t they make a cute collection?  My niece certainly thought so.  Birthday cakes befitting a beautiful young lady.


Fashion cupcakes

The sun is shining.  Time to bring out some pretty summer dresses and co-ordinating shoes.  To me, these look like an LK Bennett shop window.  Pretty girly frocks, in beautiful soft pastels, with gorgeous shoes embellished with flowers and bows.
To make your own outfit, first choose a pretty dress… 
And then select some co-ordinating shoes.
The ladies at the Sewcial last night were choosing their favourites whilst whipping up their own gorgeous dresses and summery tops (and a few cushions and quilts, for good measure).  Well done!

Spring cupcakes

Cherry blossom and bluebirds might not be the first thought that comes to mind for spring-themed cupcakes.  Daffodils and tulips are more usual however I thought I would go for something a bit different.  The little birds were made from a mould whilst the branches are all unique as they were handcrafted individually. 
Grouped together like this, it gives the impression of a flock of birds taking flight from a tree.  Oh dear.  Not really the pretty, romantic image I was hoping for.  
Not to worry.  The ladies at the Sewcial at Fabric HQ last night didn’t mind.  They just enjoyed the delicious vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream.  Perfect with a cup of tea after all that sewing. 

Happy birthday to Plain Stitch

It was a typical winter’s day on Thursday with lashings of rain and dull, grey skies.  However this was not a day to stay tucked up under the blankets – because I had been invited to a birthday party!   
Deb, from Plain Stitch, was celebrating her first anniversary since opening her workroom and shop in Wendover. 
You can’t go to a party without a present so I made these pretty little cupcakes to help celebrate the day.  
There was certainly lots of fun and laughter at the party.  Just look at all the smiling faces. 
Congratulations Deb and Plain Stitch on a successful first year.  

Everything’s coming up roses

Congratulations to Fabric HQ who celebrated their third birthday last week.  To wish them happy birthday, I made this lovely bouquet of flowers for the Sewcial last night.
To make the bouquet, roses – in white or graduated pink tones of buttercream – were piped on vanilla cupcakes using a 2D nozzle.  The roses were then attached to a foam ball (not as easy as it might look! but fortunately I had a fantastic teacher – the lovely Natalie from Faircake, London), creating a pretty ombre effect to the arrangement. 

Beautiful to look at, the roses have a gorgeous vanilla scent and are delicious to eat.  I think a cupcake bouquet makes the perfect birthday present.  Happy birthday Fabric HQ and wishing you many more.

Teacher cupcakes

These cute cupcakes were a gift for a lady who is beginning a new career as a primary school teacher.  I wish her good luck and every success in her new role.

Another Pretty Witty Cakes tutorial by Stephanie Janice was the inspiration for these cakes.  Stephanie has the most amazing attention to detail in her designs – the inset stars; the page effect and spine detail on the little books; the tiny rubber at the end of the pencil.  My favourite part?  Drawing the little cat.  Or is it a tiger?  

New shop launch for Fabric HQ

Congratulations to Fabric HQ on a great opening night for their new shop last Thursday.  Ok, so George Clooney wasn’t there but he sure missed a great party.    

Rae and Jacqui had kindly asked me to provide some cakes for the launch.  So here we have cake pops masquerading as pins in a pink flurry fabric pincushion.  The cake centres are a mix of crumbed cake and vanilla buttercream – dreadfully sweet but irresistible.

Plus sewing cupcakes in Fabric HQ corporate colours as a special gift for Rae and Jacqui, with heartfelt thanks for all their support and to wish them every success in their new location.        

I love the new shop space and Make HQ.   It is light, bright and airy.  A perfect place in which to create beautiful things.  

Fabric HQ is moving….

Fabric HQ is relocating to a new location.   Finally they will have all their lovely fabrics in one place with loads of space for workshops and classes.  
Where are they moving to?  These cakes I made for the Sewcial last night will give you a clue.
Yep, you guessed it.  They are moving to a farm – Layby Farm, Old Risborough Road, HP22 5XJ to be precise.  Grand opening is next Friday, 12 September, 10am to 2pm.  I can’t wait!

Sew pretty

Sewing themed cupcakes?  The perfect accompaniment for the Wendover Sewcial last night, of course.

Decked out with all the essentials, including pins, needles, ribbon, scissors and even hand-painted fabric. 

Based on a Pretty Witty Cakes tutorial by Stephanie Janice, these were great fun to make.  I particularly liked the use of the fondant plaques.  They are very easy to do and look fabulous perched on top of their buttercream swirls.