Making a quality cushion

What makes a good quality cushion?  Well, I have been learning just that over the past few weeks with the lovely Emma from Simple Pleasures Sewing SchoolWho knew there was so much involved in making a “simple” square cushion cover? 

Under Emma’s excellent tuition, I have learnt how to measure my cushion pad to ensure that the finished cushion with cover will be nice and plump.  Then how to cut the fabric and taper the corners to prevent “dog ears”.  The next step was a tricky one.  Making and attaching contrast piped cording.  Thankfully, I managed to do this without twisting the bias strips.  Yikes!
Inserting zippers has always been a nightmare for me however Emma shared some great tips that makes it much easier.  This is the base of my cushion showing the lapped zipper. Can’t see it?  Perfect.  Just as it should be. 

Our time spent laying out the fabric prior to cutting was well rewarded with matched patterns on all sides.

The cushion cover is not quite finished however we couldn’t resist putting in the feather pad and admiring our efforts.

When it is done, I shall have the best dressed sofa.  

I have loved my one to one lessons with Emma .  As well as private sessions, she also runs a series of home furnishing workshops at Fabric HQ.  Oh, and if you are loving the fabric, you can find that at Fabric HQ too.